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Assessment at Manor



Foundation Stage

At the end of the EYFS teachers complete an assessment which is known as the EYFS Profile. This assessment is carried out by your child's teacher and is based on what they, and other staff at the school, have observed over a period of time.

Another important part of the EYFS Profile is knowledge about your child's learning and development, so do let your child's class teacher know about how your child does with you. My Learning at home slips can be downloaded here: My Learning at Home.pdf

All of the information collected is used to judge how your child is doing in the 7 areas of learning and development. Finding out at this stage how your child is doing will mean that the teacher your child has in their next school year – year 1 – will know what your child really enjoys doing and does well, as well as helping them decide if your child needs a bit of extra support, what that support should be and if they are already getting it.

The school will give you a report of your child's progress, including information from his or her EYFS Profile.

Key Stage 1 and 2

Please click here to see the presentation given to parents at our recent "Assessment Without Levels" evening.

Presentation for Parents.pptx

A new National Curriculum has been introduced and with it we are implementing new statutory assessment regulations.

The National Curriculum Levels we have been using for a number of years have been removed; we will no longer be using levels as our assessment measure.

We have been working as a whole school to design and to implement new teacher assessment that suits the needs of our learners. Continual Professional Development has helped us prepare for this. Our assessment practices will continue to provide information about pupils' attainment and progress.  Additionally our assessment procedures will continue to give attention to helping pupils to meet or exceed age related expectations and achieve the highest standards they can at each stage of their learning.

In line with the new National Curriculum attainment will now be measured against age related expectations in Key Stages One and Two.

Below your will find links to documents which detail age related expectations for each year group. Teachers at Manor are using these to plan nest steps for each child.


Band 1​B1 Reading.pdfB1 Writing.pdfB1 Maths.pdf
​Band 2B2 Reading.pdfB2 Writing.pdfB2 Maths.pdf
​Band 3B3 Reading.pdfB3 Writing.pdfB3 Maths.pdf
​Band 4B4 Reading.pdfB4 Writing.pdfB4 Maths.pdf
​Band 5B5 Reading.pdfB5 Writing.pdfB5 Maths.pdf
​Band 6B6 Reading.pdfB6 Writing.pdfB6 Maths.pdf


For futher information on assessment please read our Assessment Statement.pdf 


Should you wish to find out more please do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.