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Here you will find photographs and information about our learning,as well as important news items. To check information about snow days, cancelled events, trip arrival times etc please call the parent hotline on 08447 707576 (Manor School ID Number 63121).

Jul 20
Award Time

We had the pleasure of welcoming Colin Campbell from Didcot Rotary club to Manor School On Tuesday. He held an excellent assembly informing us all about what the Rotary Club do and the new initiative of RotaKids; a chance for children to get involving in improving and serving their local community.

Mr Campbell was also at Manor to present a very special award to Iona in Year 6 who won a special Young Citizen award. Iona described the day as, the best day ever and, 'I can't stop smiling'! 

Well done Iona!​

Jul 19
Mr Hawkins' Retirement Party

​We had an exciting end to our year with a King's Tea Party held in honour of our Head Teacher John Hawkins, who is retiring this summer after 20 years leading the school.

John Hawkins Manor School (1).jpg

He was serenaded by the school orchestra, had a Maypole dance and was presented with two books of memories from the children and staff. 

John Hawkins Manor School (6).jpg

The pupils and teachers all had a wonderful time with a picnic on the field, and sang a song together. 

Mr Fullylove school orchestra Manor School (2).jpg

Mr Hawkins is still looking forward to having a ‘class’ to look after - his 9 grandchildren aged 5 to 11, an active bunch who will certainly keep him busy! We look forward to welcoming our new head, Mrs Robinson, in September.

Jul 18
Live Recording of Year 6's School of Rock Production

Wow! The school certainly rocked on Wednesday and Friday evening for the Year 6 production of, 'The School of Rock'.

We are thrilled to be able to share with you, free of charge, the video of Wednesday and Friday evening performances. Hopefully by clicking on the link, (Year 6 parents will be sent by email)  you will be able to select the evening performance you would like to watch and choose whether to stream it or download the file. You will need a relatively quick computer to stream the file or with a large memory stick you will be able to download it onto there and enjoy the show again and again and for years to come!
Thank you once again for your help and support with costumes, instruments, learning lines and coming to watch. We hope you enjoyed the production and all the hard work that went into it. We were certainly very proud of the children.
Best wishes and keep rocking!
Mr Kirkland, Miss Clark and Ms Wigley

Jul 14
Digital Leaders!

​You Should Totally Come to Digital leaders

Because this is the stuff we get up to!!!!!


  • Micro-bits
  • PowerPoint
  • Sway
  • Microsoft word
  • Code for life
  • E-safety
  • hour of code

It's on Friday after school till 10 past 4 (4:10)

With an amazing teacher …          Mrs Creswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye now!!

From Marni and issy s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 14
Music at Manor

​Year 5 have now finished their Play On Music schemes for this year. Parents in 5Cr were treated to a concert from the brass instruments, and we have also learned the guitar and clarinet.








Jul 14
My Year Blog

In year 5 when we when on the over night school trip we  could have biscuits also we coould  do what we want and we coould go exploring also go on the hill end sine and go in the music garden.

The music garden had lots of instruments also there was a flute and that was a good one no one know how to play it also the girls in year 5 went to Didcot girl school also we did English, maths, science. The girl school is very big also I got lost in the girl school because you can not find the bath room also you can get lockers and they are only 5 pounds it can be numbers or keys.

I had fun! by Sasha

Jul 14
Digital leaders

​In digital leaders I have enjoyed, coding and using micro bits.

It's on a Friday after school.

We have been using sway quite a lot, and having fun with Mrs Cresswell. We learned how to code.

We used hour of code and code for life.


By Caliegh

Jul 13
Yr 3 & 4 Return

Our year 3 & 4 children are leaving the science museum now and are due back at school at 3.45.

Jul 13
Year 3 and 4 Trip

​Years 3 and 4 arrived safely at the Science Museum, they all enjoyed the IMAX experience and are now going to have lunch.

Jul 10
Year 6 Aspirations Morning

Last Thursday Year 6 were treated to a morning hearing from professionals and experts in their fields about the different jobs they do. Fitting perfectly with our current topic of, 'I'm a Year 6 get me out of here!', which is about encouraging the children to think to the future, they heard from an accountant, an immunologist working on a new treatment for cancer and the head of UK industry for CERN in Switzerland. Afterwards, back in class, the children shared which jobs they are now inspired to consider as they grow up. A huge thank you to the volunteers who came in to talk to us. I know my class were certainly inspired and took away a huge amount, so thank you. 

Mr KirklandIMG_0925.JPG


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