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Today you can start a block of coding lessons at You will need your school email address to sign up.


Using micro-bits:

Here are the ideas

and here is the link to the code maker.

Previous weeks:​

Making a safe avatar you can use online instead of a personal picture.

Here is your choice of avatar sites:


Or you can use paint. Make your avatar, then save it (you might need to use the snipper or print screen tools). We will then add it to your RM Unify login.


You can use the program 2 Do It Yourself to create a number of different types of game. 

Well done digital leaders! Below you will find some of the games we made this week- if you didn't finish we will put yours up next week. 



Want to try playing some coding games instead?

Try these out!

Angry Birds


Play Lab

Dragon Treasure​

​Disney Infinity

Flappy Bird