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​​​​​Our new topic is Superheroes!




​Yr 1 & 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Science Dome today. Yr 1 enjoyed an Underwater Adventure and learnt lots about sea creatures, ocean life and tides and Year 2 were treated to a Dinosaur Adventure where they found out about dinosaurs and fossils.IMG_0807.JPG





​Please please please can Parents in KS1 remember to send in a named hat, a water bottle containing water and if possible apply suncream to your children in the mornings before they come to school. We want the children to be able to enjoy the shady areas and be able to send them outside for fresh air during playtimes and lunchtimes but we can't do this if they aren't properly protected from the sun! Our supply of spare hats is low so we are struggling to help out! Please please please support us by helping to keep your children safe from the sun! Many thanks!


Manor Science Club has been electrifying-ly brilliant this week! The children are really enjoying a different science activity each week and look like they are learning lots.

Well done to all our mini Manor Scientists!

Mr Kirkland


PS. If you are looking for a fun science and art dayout during the holidays, the 'Full Steam Ahead' day looks great fun. It is on Saturday 3rd June from 12-5pm at Harwell Campus Sports Field OX11 0QG. 


​Year 2 have loved reading all about Dinosaur Bob, a friendly dinosaur brought home after a safari in Africa! 

Read Lola's book review to find out more... check out her super suffixes and use of conjunctions! 




​KS1 had a very exciting assembly from Nirto Jen from Bright Sparks this morning - we learnt all about air pressure. We had fun doing experiments which included a tug of war, balloons, a monkey air pressure measurer and even a leaf blower! 

Letters have gone home for Bright Sparks Science club after easter - if you would like your child to go, please fill in the form and return to the Office as soon as possible. Places fill up very quickly!



Today, KS1 were very lucky to have a wonderful morning of storytelling and drama workshops by ​Perform for Schools.

We had a great time getting into character and saving the precious fairytale pages from the Evil Queen! 

​Year 2s were inspired to write and wrote all about their morning in an informative newpaper report - look at Maya's tickled pink writing below...




We hope that everyone has been enjoying the Olympics! In the Infants, year 1 and 2 finished off the Summer term with a special Olympic Road to Rio themed day, learning about different countries that take part and the history of the Olympics. 

Olympics (1).jpg

We had our own Opening Ceremony, followed by a day of dance workshops where each class learned a different traditional dance. At the end of the day, in our closing ceremony, each class performed for the rest of Year 1 and 2. We had dances from Greece, Brazil, Spain, the Ivory Coast and Mexico.

Olympics (2).jpg

Olympics (3).jpg


​Year 1 visited Henley on Thursday and Year 2 went on Friday 17th June. 


Some of us went through a retelling of Wind in the Willows, and sat in the caravan. We saw Toad driving his car and escaping from prison.


In the galleries, some of us even managed to dress up in Regatta clothes and try out a rowing machine.


Maddy and Camilla showed us around the museum. We visited the riverbank and spotted Canadian Geese, coots, ducks, moorhens and cormorants. We also did some experiments in the education room, sorting animals and making food chains.





Thank you to all the parents who came along and helped, and to the brilliant staff at the Museum, who commented on the excellent behaviour of Manor school children!


​Just to let you know that Years 2 and 6 will have a whole-class photo taken tomorrow morning. ​​Please make sure you are wearing your school uniform smartly!


​Starfish (and the rest of Year 1 and 2!) have had a great week with literacy lessons based around our Walk the Plank topic. We started to read "The Land of Neverbelieve" by Norman Messenger and were inspired to make up all sorts of ideas for our own islands.

land of.jpg 

We annotated pictures from the book - we especially liked the catfish and the chocolate tree!

posters (5).jpg 

We used all our ideas to plan and make our own islands out of papier-mache and had great fun painting them this week.

island papier mache (19).jpg 

We can't wait to carry on writing about our islands next week!


n the summer term 2016, children across the country at the end of Key Stage 1 will sit new SATs papers. That means that if your child is in Year 2, they will be among the first pupils to take the new test. SATs have been overhauled in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to reflect the changes to the national curriculum, which was introduced in September 2014.

We do not want the children to worry about these papers at all, as we simply use them to help us assess where the children are in their learning so far, as well as all the work they have done in class. How your child does in their SATs papers is simply an extra piece of information and evidence we can use to see what they are capable of. You will receive information about the level your child is working at in their summer report, as usual.
The only change that children should notice is that sometimes they might be working in a smaller, quiet group to fill in their 'special booklets' to show the teacher what they know. We always stress that it is ok if they find a question tricky, and that helps the teachers know what to teach them next! These will be spread out over the last two weeks of this term (between the 16th and the 27th May) and will take place in classrooms as normal.
Click the picture below to watch an informatiove video about KS1 SATs.
More information:
At the end of Year 2, children will take SATs in:
  • Reading
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Maths
Key Stage 1 Reading
The new reading test for Year 2 pupils will involve two separate papers:
  • Paper 1 consists of a selection of texts totalling 400 to 700 words, with questions on each page.
  • Paper 2 is a reading booklet with a selection of passages totalling 800 to 1100 words. Children will write their answers in a separate booklet.
The texts in the reading papers will cover a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Teachers will have the option to stop the test at any point that they feel is appropriate for a particular child.
There will be a variety of question types:
  • Multiple choice
  • Ranking/ordering, e.g. ‘Number the events below to show in which order they happened in the story’
  • Matching, e.g. ‘Match the character to the job that they do in the story’
  • Labelling, e.g. ‘Label the text to show the title’
  • Find and copy, e.g. ‘Find and copy one word that shows what the weather was like in the story’
  • Short answer, e.g. ‘What does the bear eat?’
  • Open-ended answer, e.g. ‘Why did Lucy write the letter to her grandmother? Give two reasons’
Key Stage 1 Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
  • Paper 1:  a grammar, punctuation and vocabulary test. This will involve a mixture of selecting the right answers e.g. through multiple choice, and writing short answers. The teacher can read your child questions if they need it.
  • Paper 3: a 20-word spelling test taking approximately 15 minutes, covering different spelling rules we have learned in Year 1 and 2.
Key Stage 1 Maths
The new Key Stage 1 maths test is made up of two papers:
Paper 1: arithmetic, answering number sentences like 46 + 7 =  or 8 x 10 =.
Paper 2: mathematical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning. There will be a variety of question types: multiple choice, matching, true/false, completing a chart or table; drawing a shape and questions where children have to show or explain their method. The teacher will read your child the questions if they need it.
Children will not be able to use any tools such as calculators or number lines, but we encourage them to draw their own number lines, tens and units or any other pictures that will help them.

​Here's a sneak peek of the new infant playground, currently under construction! Thanks so much to Friends of Manor for the immense fundraising efforts, and the staff who have contributed ideas and organisation, and put up with all the building works that have made such a great difference to our school building. We are all so excited for the children to see and enjoy it next Monday!

playground 4.jpg

playgroun 1.jpg

playground 2.jpg

playground 3.jpg


​Key Stage 1 had a great World Book Day today! We read lots of stories, and completed reading challenges.

Lost and Found game.JPG 

In Dolphins class, children chose to tell and film their own stories, create board games based on Star Wars and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, create puppets to retell stories and to discover information from non-fiction books and make posters for our classroom.

character puppets.JPG 

non fiction posters.JPG 

In maths, we drew maps of a story and worked with a friend to write the co-ordinates of the different places!

story map coordinates.jpg 

We even made up our own wordsearches full of book related words.

book wordsearch.jpg 

What an exciting day!


​February is the month of Courage. Rainbow Fish Class have been thinking about what makes a 'Tickled Pink Learner' and we think the most important thing is to be positive and have a go! Look at some of our posters we made to help people have courage and be brave.




Jack and the Beanstalk

As part of our Traditional Tales day, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk this afternoon from Tiny Mites​ theatre company! We sang and danced and had a great time, and joined in with the story. Can you retell the story at home?

trad tales day jack.JPG

trad tales day jack1.JPG

trad tales day jac2.JPG


​Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic Traditional Tale themed day today. When the children came in, they discovered a series of mysterious clues in their classrooms. Dolphins discovered a broken chair, a bowl of porridge, a note signed "G" and a bed in the reading corner!




The children were then detectives and visited each classroom, finding more clues to different traditional tales along the way!

In Mrs Davies' classroom, we found a borken bridge, a billy goat and a note from the troll, complaining that the goats had broken his bridge!


Seals class had  a basket of food, a note for Granny, a strange red cloak and even a wolf!



Who left piles of bricks, twigs and straw in Rainbowfish classroom?

Poor Cinderella had been left a list of jobs and a cleaning cloth in Starfish classroom!


We had a fantastic morning, and all the children were excellent detectives, sounding out words to write down in their clue books for the police, and then writing reports about what had happened!

We even found a security picture of Dolphins classroom.....




​Written by Dolphins class:

On Tuesday 17th November, Dolphins class walked to Didcot Fire Station. First, we went into the office and saw Mr Wright.

In the office we saw a printer that gives the firemen information about where the problem is and what happened. It was like in Fireman Sam. There were maps on the wall so they can find the fires. There is a computer to help them.


Fireman have special clothes to help them. They can wear special hooks to keep them on ladders, they can wear masks and oxygen tanks to breathe in smoke, or a rubber suit to go in water. There are metal shoes to keep their feet safe and grippy gloves. We liked seeing the fireman climb a ladder and pull an axe up on a rope behind him.


There are 4 special ropes to throw to people in the water, which floated.

The hoses are very long so they can reach fires. There are 2 60 metre hoses.

We saw a fireman use special big scissors to cut through a car door. He had a hammer to smash the glass safely.


It was a very exciting trip and we learned lots about the job of fighting fires!








After the first sighting of escaped 1969 Moon Landing Aliens at the weekend, more evidence has been found to suggest aliens are making mischief inside Manor School.

This time, not only leaving a trail of mess, but leaving green gloop in Rainbow Fish Class!

The minister of alien control said 'We must catch these aliens as not only are they taking everyone's cheese, they have now moved on to other dairy products, such as butter! We cannot let them get away with it!'

Listening Lion reports: 'I saw it all… keep your butter safe!'

All Manor School pupils must help to catch these green glooping aliens! 

Rainbow Fish Class investigated the crime scene (from a safe distance!) and explored the strange green gloop left behind by the aliens. Pupils became journalists for the morning and created their very own newspaper reports on this Breaking News item! 

Pupils are still working on how to catch these aliens, updating the Minister for Alien Control as things develop! 


Respect 2.jpg


Our value this month is respect. The dolphins class thought about how we show respect for ourself, our school, our friends, our things and other people. The first respect is respect for self. If children (and adults) in the school know that they are highly valued, they will be well placed to value others. Mr Hawkins  was so pleased with the respectful way our children greeted new children at Manor and made them feel at home straight away.




​Year 2 had a fun literacy lesson learning about rhyme. They made up their own pirate poem with rhyming couplets.

Aboard a rocky pirate ship,

In the middle of the sea.

Are a funny group of pirates,

Who are as useless as can be!


There is pirate Lennon

Who likes eating lemon.

There is pirate Pat

Who likes his fat cat.


There is Pirate Jack,

Who always lands on his back.

There's Pirate Myah,

Who's scared of fire.


There's Pirate Vicky,

Who is always sicky!

There's Pirate Frank,

Who always walks the plank.


There's Pirate Zara

Who always wears a tiara.

Pirate Paul

Always plays football.


Pirate Lucy

Is in 2C!

There's Pirate Zak

Who plays with Jack.


There's Pirate Rosie

Who likes to pick posies.

There's Pirate Paul

Who's scared of a ball.


There's Pirate Roxii

With chicken poxy!

There's Pirate Hair

Who goes to every fair.


There's Pirate Bailey

Who's really lazy!

There's Pirate Mike

Who likes his bike.


There's Pirate Bob,

Who always does the job.

There's Pirate Ben,

Who's scared of hens.


There's Pirate Pete

Who likes eating meat.

The worst bunch of pirates,

You ever did meet!



​Children from Manor entered a competition to design parts of a mural now on display at Tesco Didcot. 4 winning children travelled to Willowcroft School and met Oxford artist Emily Cooling for a special art workshop. They worked with children from Willowcroft, Ladygrove Park and Stephen Freeman to draw and paint popular landmarks including the power station, railway, parks and shops.


Community Champion Elaine Griffiths said, "Everyone had a fantastic time and it was so much fun - some of the paintings have to be seen to be believed. The mural will go on the main wall near the customer checkouts for all our Didcot shoppers to see. It is fabulous". 

Store Manager Carl Pettersson said, "Everyone who took part in this unique community art initiative should be very proud of themselves. Over 100 youngsters were involved and we think the final mural is spectacular to say the least and truly represents what children think is the best things about the town of where they live". 


​Year 2 have been really enjoying reading Peter Pan and doing lots of writing about Captain Hook and the Lost Boys. This morning they had a surprise when they came into school and were whisked away to Neverland! They visited the pirate ship, where they fought off the tick-tock crocodile, caught fish for dinner and even swabbed the decks!


 Later, in the Mermaid Lagoon, they investigated seashells, sorted sea and land creatures and prepared a picnic for the Lost Boys.


Finally, they had  a well earned rest in the Lost Boy's hideout, building a fire, cooking soup and making their own hats.

neverland (3).JPGneverland (1).JPG 


​You may not know that as well as a general election today, we have held our own election at Manor School! The children were very excited to take part in the democratic process, and to learn all about how elections work. 6 Year 6 children were our candidates, each with an idea of how to spend £200 to improve the school. We watched their campaign videos and cast our ballots, choosing between new books, art supplies, basketball nets and basketballs or equipment for the Juniors' 'trim trail'. Year 4 were in charge of counting the votes, and in the end a clear majority (over 200 pupils!) voted for a trampoline!




​As part of our science, looking at animals around ud and different habitats, we were lucky to have a visit from Minibeast Mayhem today! This is what the children in year 2 had to say about it:

There were grasshoppers on the carpet that hopped really far.

We got to hold beetles and stick insects.

There was a really shiny beetle.

We smelled a stinky beetle!


And Dillan Yates typed this blog entry:

Today Year 2 saw some bugs. We saw:

A dead tarantula

Stick insects




I learned that the pupa was going to grow into a really good animal.

By Dillan zak yates

Thanks to Friends of Manor who generously paid for this visit.



Simplicity: is a simple way of doing things.



Friday saw the final day of the first ever OPEN Science week. The week ended at Manor with a morning of gasps and open mouths as children investigated exploding volcanoes, bubbling dry ice cauldrons and strange solid/liquid magic putty!

Across the week different children from Manor had visited a number of our partner schools in OPEN, making new friends and having great fun with Science. As the children left the morning on Friday they wrote down their thoughts and amongst the comments was, 'that was the best experience I've ever had'. So thank you to all the teachers that were involved, across OPEN, who helped to make the week such a success. There are lots of photos of the day at Manor on the entrance hall display if you want to see what they got up to!

Off the back of this week we are pleased to announce the return of the popular after school Bright Sparks science club! This time it is KS1's turn and the club will run on Wednesdays for 6 weeks, starting the first Wednesday back after the Easter break. If you want to join then do grab a letter from your child's teacher. It will be first come, first served, so do get your forms back asap. IMG_0060.JPG


​Year 2 have been working hard on their sewing and textiles skills! They have sewn their own bookmarks on special fabric, and designed and created their own puppets as part of their Heroes and Villains topic.

Roxii said "It was amazing because it was fun".



king.jpg witch.jpg


Year 2 were in for a surprise when they came into school today; they discovered that someone had been in our classrooms over the weekend! Who did the evidence point to? They were brilliant detectives, writing down all the clues they found in a report to send to the police. These included small footprints, a broken chair, a cold bowl of porridge and a bed in the reading corner.... 


Lauren said, "We interviewed Miss King and she saw a flash of golden hair out of the corner of her eye, so we think it was Goldilocks!"

Fortunately, after sending our reports to the police, they managed to talk to Goldilocks, who came back the next night and tidied everything up. She was very sorry for messing up our classrooms! Year 2 have written some amazing newspaper reports about the exciting day.


​This morning, Year 2 walked to the train station so they could catch a train to Oxford. Then we walked to the Story Museum. We explored and saw lots of cool stuff. We looked in a wardrobe and found Narnia with snow! There was also a carriage to sit in. We saw a creepy castle, we went in a room and clapped and fairies turned the lights on and we even sat on Max's bed and read Where The Wild Things Are.

trip (2).jpgWe also saw the spooky woods from Lord of the Rings and a boat, there were lots of naughty things in Just William's shed too!

After that, we had a workshop where we created  our own characters and we ate our amazing lunches and walked back to the station. It was an excellent, fantastic day!

WP_20150121_007.jpg WP_20150121_008.jpg

We made up our own characters and the magic throne read them out with trumpets!


​Year 1 and 2 have been having great fun learning all the songs and lines for their Christmas play, Baubles! We look forward to seeing parents on Monday or Tuesday next week (the 15th and 16th December). Doors open at 1.30pm to start at 1.45pm.

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