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Reading Books

Don’t forget that reading books should come to school every day. Thank you for taking the time to read with your child and writing in their reading record book. We are also happy if your child writes in their own book - tell us what you enjoyed! In Year 4 we encourage children to be independent in choosing and changing their own book. All children will have the chance to change their library books weekly. Remember to use your bookmarks to help with questions after reading.

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school all week as outdoor and indoor P.E. days vary. This should include a named T-shirt and shorts. For outdoor PE, you need trainers or plimsolls and socks. One class per term will be swimming. They need to bring their swimming costume, towel and swimming hat with £1 in a waterproof named bag every Monday. 

Easimaths and Bug Club
Please make sure your child goes on Easimaths and Bug club as much as possible at home. We advise using both these programmes at least 3 times a week. If you need more details or a reminder of login details please speak to the class teacher.


We will send maths homework home on Friday to be brought back by the following Thursday. Please let your teacher know before then if you need a bit of extra help, and feel free to write any comments you have on the homework about how your child found it.
Spelling homework will be given out on a Wednesday and we will have a spelling challenge using the words the following Wednesday.



​Lots of parents have been asking about Bug Club - your child can read a selection of books online at home, just visit and log in with our school code wg9t


Ask your teacher for your logon if you don't know it! It's a great way to practise your reading, and it even asks comprehension questions. 



Manor school blog



Year 4 performed maltilda the musical in 2014.

We had a few songs and a lot of acting we were very good at it and we had a antil term to practices and we got there and we beautiful exepted the wormwoods.



In maths we have been focusing on our grid method and now can successfully answer questions.

Find out more about the grid method here and here​!


 And also concentrated on our very tricky short multiplication!


Year 4  topic has been India.


We have done work it is very good. We have have made some indian are also having a Indian collage there very colourfull. Also we are having a restaurant. India isn't a very rich place and they don't have very nice shops as we do. But they have the most amazing food like spicy curries and naan bread and poppadoms.


By Alyssa  Sam and Ruby.


​You may not know that as well as a general election today, we have held our own election at Manor School! The children were very excited to take part in the democratic process, and to learn all about how elections work. 6 Year 6 children were our candidates, each with an idea of how to spend £200 to improve the school. We watched their campaign videos and cast our ballots, choosing between new books, art supplies, basketball nets and basketballs or equipment for the Juniors' 'trim trail'. Year 4 were in charge of counting the votes, and in the end a clear majority (over 200 pupils!) voted for a trampoline!




First we did cooking. In cooking we had scales and we made dough and then we shaped it. 

Second we did toy making and me and my group made a doll out of card bord and soft matirie.

Third we did victorian games hopscotch skittles football and last we did the school room. We had slate bords we did a flower abc and it was very scary and we did our three times table and our four times table. It was fun and if we did not sit strate we had the back stratener and if we were figeting we had our fingers tied behind us in a wooden figeting thing. It had three bits that you put your fingers In.

Madison- Snowy Owls

On the 12th of November, we were doing a victorion day at manor school and we dressed up as victorions . First we went to the cooking and we made sticky dough and we had to use are fingers. After that we made dolls and toys but the girls had to make dolls and the boys made the toys that were on the bord. Later, when we did the toys,  we whent onto the play ground with mr Handwell and we did lots of fun activites and and we did hula hoops, Football, skipping,marbles,skittles and beenbags. When we had fnnished that, we went to the school room and my favrourite was that we got to use the slait bords and we got a sertificate and a booklet with all the stuff that we did.When we did a little bit of work in the school , Jacob had to put thje dust hat on and max had to put his fingers in the finger stocks and Baily had to even put the back syraigtner behind his back. When Bailey had the Back straightner behind his back  and so did Joseph did as well we had to copy what was on the bord. Overall the victorion day was rilly nice and my favourite part was making bread because we got to make sticky bread. Ella-Mae Snowy owls















This week we have been concentrating on Read for my school!

If you want to make an account.1 go to

2 select "pupil login"

3 enter your child's classroom code, username, and password and click "login" then read all you want and have fun!!!  


by Masha


​In Hawks  class iv been learning how to recognise the place value of 3 digit numbers? It goes from the units to the tens and then the 100. by Tom



In Hawks class we have been making up our own

characters and we made our own wanted posters with our characters .

By Joe


​Yesterday, Wednesday 10th February, year 3 and 4 had a visit from an author called Gillian Overitt. She has published a book called Max's Magical Dream! She also published a short story called Joseph -which was about a giraffe!

The children listened to the first gripping chapter of the book called 'the painting' and then had an imagination workshop.

The children found it very inspiring and helpful for them writing their myths this week!

"I thought the book was very interesting!" Stanley

"I liked it when the lady threw the alien frisby across the hall!" Luca

"I liked it when we imagined an alien story!" Javannah

"I liked it when she read us the story." Zak

"I liked the Joseph book about the giraffe!" Harmony

At the end of the day, some children purchased the books and are already reading them!



​Today in year 3 and 4 we had a roman was fun. First we went and made mosaics, then we went to break. Click this link to watch a video. After the video we tried it out.


All the children had a fantastic day!!!!! 

Roman Cafe

On Friday the 18th of march we made pizzas, and since we made so many we decided to share them with our family and our friends. They absolutely LOVED them!

 by Masha, Jake and Josh



The annual competition that may have seen your child glued to a paper or e-book for the last couple of months has come to an end. We will find out if Manor school won a prize in the nationwide competition in the coming months but to celebrate the achievements of Manor school children,​ we held a final assembly.

The following 10 children, who made up our leaderboard, succeeded in reading over 1000 books between them (about a quarter of the total books read by the juniors) which was a huge achievement! WELL DONE!IMG_0491[1].JPGIMG_0490[1].JPGIMG_0492[1].JPGIMG_0493[1].JPG


Scott, in year 6, also recieved an award for writing an amazing book summary of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well done Scott!


Read For My School should return again next year!


​To give you as much notice as possible, we would like to let year 3 and 4 parents know that we have organised a trip for week 6 of next term! The trip will cost £4 per child.

We had aimed to get the letter out today but had not had the full confirmation by 3.05pm so this is just an initial communication to give you an idea of cost. A letter, giving all the information, will be given to your children in the first week back.

Thank you and have a lovely half term.

The Year 3 and 4 team 


Humility (1).jpg

Our value this month is humility. Have you seen the lovely display in the Junior foyer? The children thought about how you need to be able to admit that not everything you do is perfect, and to appreciate the work that other people do for you.

Humility (2).jpg

Manor School is always praised for our humility at sporting events, even if we win! We are always happy to win an award for good sportsmanship.

Humility (4).jpg


This term our topic is STAYING ALIVE!!!We have been very busy with our topic.

We have made diner plates and smoothies and much much more.Our smoothies that we made were incredible. 

by Ella

Making our smoothie adverts!




Year 3 and 4 made smoothies. They used lots of different combinations of fruit. First we chopped up the fruit then we blended it all in the blender. After that we had a taste of it. Yum!

A few days later we planned and started making our adverts for the smoothies. Then we filmed them on iPads in front of our class. The next day we watched it then we voted for which group we thought was the best. Then year 3 and 4 performed there advert on the stage and the dragons (teachers and year 6 children) asked questions such as how much will they be where the fruit from is. When all the groups were done the dragons got together and decided what was the winning group the they asked all of the groups to stand on the stage and they

announced the winning group and why they chose that.   

Smoothies (1).JPG

Smoothies (2).JPG

by Iola



During the last week of term year 3 and 4 took part in a Poetry Factor!

The week started with all of year 3 and 4 watching a clip of The MackBadgerz aka Mr MacKenzie and Mr Badger, performing the hit rap “When I say Kanga​”.

The children were then suitably inspired to write their own poems in pairs and groups, which they then edited and improved to make them fantastic. They then practised performing their poems in class before entering the unknown world of Judges’ Houses!


On the last day of term we were visited by the judges who announced which acts were through to the live final. The show was opened and closed with live performances by MackBadgerz and all of the children who performed did a brilliant job. The teachers were really impressed with everyone’s hard work and effort – there were some really fantastic performances and poems.​



For two terms we have been at Digital Leaders and we have all had so much fun! But now as this is our last lesson we are having some fun making our own pic collages. We always have so much fun coding, scratch, pic collages and binary beads we 100% LOVE Digital Leaders and we don't want to leave at all! we also played and programed with some micro bits me and my friend programmed our micro bit to be a fortune teller asked it if I would be a Olympian and it said YES!

By Isabelle T and Karolina 5Cr



















​Today, we learned how to import a photograph of our classroom into PowerPoint and then add other characters, removing the backgrounds so it looks like they are really there! Remember, photos online cannot always be trusted!



We made and painted our own elephants. We  are learning about India. We also did a Indian restraint it was so much fun. We made seven vegetable curry and awesome rice there was a raita dip to drink was water. We had to serve our own parents. India is 13 times bigger than the united kingdom It is also the 7th largest country in the world. They have a river Gangee they bathe and wash their cloths in it. It is a holy river. The Taj mahal and new dehli is really important.


by Ryan (Digital Leader)

This term are topic has bin India and we have enjoing it  a lot. Everyone favourite was the India   restraint we had curry rice and ratia   dip  and we coked it it was real fun and it took ages to cut the vegetable up for the curry but it was real fun we have done some very good art as well  we done birds Taj mahal.

by Harmony (Digital Leader)







​On Thursday 30th of March a lgroup of year 3 and 4 boys were lucky enough to be taken to Christ Church Cathedral School to play at football match in their grounds!

We split into two teams to play our matches - and both teams managed to win! 

The boys all behaved brilliantly and the staff at CCCS commented on how impressed they were.IMG_1052.JPG