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​Lots of parents have been asking about Bug Club - your child can read a selection of books online at home, just visit and log in with our school code wg9t


Ask your teacher for your logon if you don't know it! It's a great way to practise your reading, and it even asks comprehension questions. 



Warwick castle

On the 15th of October year five went on a school trip to Warwick Castle. When year five saw the Castle they were memorised.

 At Warwick Castle there were lots to see and do. When we got into the castle half of year five went to the guide before they did anything. It was a talk about the trebuchet. He told us that there would be a trebuchet firing at 11:30. So we headed off to the best place to see it at the top of the Castle. It took six minutes for it to fire. They got men to run in wheels which got the arm of the trebuchet down. Then they reversed it and it fired correctly and went very far.

We also climbed up the spiral staircases up to the top. We could not look down because it was so high! Many people were out of their comfort zone. Lots of people wanted to get down as soon as possible!

There were arrow holes in the walls so the defenders could shoot any attackers. The height was around 90 feet. The arrow holes were in a shape of a cross because then the defenders could shoot without being shot there self. 

We saw the murder holes and death traps. We also went inside the castle to yet again be amazed. When we had finished we went to the shop to buy things to bring back.

Everyone really enjoyed the trip it helped us very much in progressing in our learning about being historians. Everyone would come back!



William Shakespeare


In year 5 we have been learning about William Shakespeare and his plays. We've mostly been looking at the language he uses and comparing it to today; we've even been looking at compliments and insults!


Here are some insults ;( did you know they put Thou art before every insult, meaning you are)

Clot pole, Green eyed Monster, hedge pig Blinking idiot, what the dickens and rank.

By Alex Mandryk


William Shakespeare


Year 5 has been learning about William Shakespeare and his life. We have also made up our own Shakespearian plays and acted them out to the rest of the year group at the Globe theatre. We also acted out the first scene of Macbeth between the three witches. We learnt that Shakespeare always made sure that his actors faced the audience and had loud and clear voices so when we watched each other's we had a check list so that we could check them and if they did something it said on the sheet we would tick them of. He came up with lots of plays, sonnets, insults, poems and words.      

By Scott McGhee


Miss Dix's maths group used spagetti and marshmallows today to make 3D sculptures.

This helped us to count the vertices (marshmallows) and the edges (spaghetti) much easier! We then wrote about our shapes and....of course got to eat the marshmallows at the end of the lesson! Miss Dix was very impressed with the fantastic team work skills!

Lots of fun and learning had by all :)



​Well done to all the year 5s for their amazing performance in the Sound of Music. The singing and acting was brilliant and we are so proud of all the children. Everyone did their best and it has been fantastic to see the children gain lots of confidence and develop their acting skills. Well done! Unfortunately we had a technical hitch on the thursday night performance and were not able to film the production. If you have any videos from either night could you please give Miss Bremner a copy as we are hoping to make a DVD from the footage we have and anything you give us. We would also appreciate any photos from either night. You can give Miss Bremner the pictures or videos on a memory stick which will be returned or email them to Thank you in advance and thank you for being a great audience!!!


The Year 5 Team


The Solar System

Year 5 have been learning about the solar system and about the planets. They didn't just learn about the solar system, they learnt about the world and how it works. They found out about the order of the planets, it goes.

Mercury, Venus, Earth (+Moon), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.         


In the early hours of Tuesday morning, three U.F.Os landed in the year 5 classrooms. The year 5s were shocked when they walked into the classrooms. One was on the ceiling, another had knocked over all the stuff in front of the white board and the other was leaning against the whiteboard. This event fits in with science because we are doing space. The year 5s have been making amazing TV news reports about the terrifying alien landing!

By Olivia year 5


​The Rotary club are organizing an amazing poetry competition that gives year 5s a chance to recite (memorise and say out loud) a poem to judges. On Wednesday, four members of the Didcot Rotary Club visited the school to listen to some of the year 5s reciting their poems. The best were chosen by the teachers and they were all amazing. Some did actions and they all memorised them perfectly. Everyone got a certificate at the end. 4 very lucky people went through to the final going up against other schools. This will be in a few weeks time, in the civic hall in front of a big crowd.

By Olivia year 5


IMG_1142.JPGOn Monday 23rd February, four very wonderful children from year 5 attended the final of the Didcot Rotary Club Verse Speaking competition. There were 4 performers from each Primary school in Didcot and the audience were thoroughly entertained with each fantastic poem! I sat, proud as a peacock, amongst many equally proud parents as each pupil stood up and performed a poem they had learnt off-by-heart.

Jessica Claridge, 5W, performed a poem named 'Jessica', Luca Placentino, 5W, performed 'This morning my Dad shouted', Jessica Belcher, 5B, recited a poem about a snowman and Sophie Zbilut recited 'Snake Hotel'.

I would like to congratulate the children once again for their commitment to the competition and to the parents for offering their support.

Year 4's, the Verse Speaking Competition will return in November so keep an eye out for your favourite poem to recite!

Miss Dix


P.S Thank you to Mrs Claridge for taking the photo!


Year 5 school trip


Year 5's went to Bristol science museum and they had a lot of fun. It was a long journey there but they agree it was worth the wait. There were things like a hamster wheel. Year 5 agree it was an amazing trip.


Made by Alex M, 5B


As part of our new 'my world and me' topic, the children in year 5 are learning about the role we must play. One strand of that is to think about how we can be we are growing our own food!

So far the children have constructed and filled raised beds with soil and written letters to local garden companies asking for plant donations. This afternoon, 5D were able to plant our first offerings which were donated to us by Megan Hughes' Dad (thank you!). We planted some lovely flowers and have vegetable seeds growing in trays in the classrooms until they can be transported outside.​IMG_0052.JPG



Year 5 class 5d had a grand draw. Our teacher did a lucky dip for the people who read books and picked out some lucky people there were some runners up the first prize was to get the class reading bear called alexander Olivia.C got him then there were two more runners up both to win some chocolate or some sweets those winners were jake.M and Emily.D now for the exciting bit these winners won a trip to wh smith with a 5 pound voucher to buy some books or pens anything these winners were

Megan. H

Cody. Y

Aruna. P

Marcel. G

Well done to them all hope they have a wonderful day at WH smith.


By Megan. H


When we was learning about the highwayman we had to write the story from the perspective of one of the redcoats, Bess the landlords daughter, the landlord and Tim the Osler. It was a story of romance and action. We typed it up on the computer after the writing in our literacy books. I done 6 paragraphs over 2 pages. After we printed it off we illustrated it and put 1 in our books.


By Cody. Y


​You may not know that as well as a general election today, we have held our own election at Manor School! The children were very excited to take part in the democratic process, and to learn all about how elections work. 6 Year 6 children were our candidates, each with an idea of how to spend £200 to improve the school. We watched their campaign videos and cast our ballots, choosing between new books, art supplies, basketball nets and basketballs or equipment for the Juniors' 'trim trail'. Year 4 were in charge of counting the votes, and in the end a clear majority (over 200 pupils!) voted for a trampoline!




5w amazing class assembly

On the 20 of May 2015 5w/ Ms Wigley's class did an amazing assembly by being mini teachers.

First Iona impressively started off the assembly by saying "Welcome to 5w amazing class assembly. Today we are going to be mini teachers because Mr Hawkins once said the best way to learn is to teach.   So we have decided to try to teach you what we have been learning this term."

Then all the people that were doing science walked to the centre of the stage (Jake, jess, Lauren and Iona)

Jake then casually said "Welcome to our super – fun science assembly, were you could be demonstrating how solids, liquids and gases work). Then Iona said suddenly

"This is a solid, solids are firm and stable in shape and they can't be poured" and Lauren said quickly " This is a liquid it is called water  and you can pour it..

Jess said "this is a gas, gas is all around us. There is oxygen in the air around us"

Then Lauren (while pointing at a picture of a molecule) "solids, liquids and gases are made up of tiny molecules like these"

Speedily Iona said in a crystal clear voice "Put your hand up if you would like to be a molecule in our demonstration" and they picked six people to demonstrate.  Then Jake said "now squish together like us" 

They all squished together.

Iona said enthusiastically "Now we are a solid. Solids have strong bonds so they keep their shape and size" Next Jess said "now space out like us"

And Jake said "Now we are a liquid. Liquids have weaker bonds so they can flow, liquids can't keep their shape unless there in a container"

Jess said bravely "Now start rushing around likes us" and Jake added on by saying " Please don't run"

And we all speed walked around the hall

Then Iona said happily "Now we are a gas, gases can move around open spaces quickly and freely. They can't keep their shape unless they are in a sealed container"

We all then said together "Thank you for watching.  You made it really fun.  We hope you have learnt something new.

Jake Cole.     


On the 12th of July Year 5 from manor school went to St Birinus to do a competition they came to school at 8:40 and then set off on their moon adventure. When they got there they got split up into groups. They did cookie making, key ring making and sewing and the very exciting bit, the moon mission!  There were three activities, one called the moon ramp another a moon rock keeping and a time speed and the best of all was the prize for the best looking buggy.

By Megan




Year 5 sleepover 2015

On Thursday 2nd of July 2015 year 5 got the chance to have a sleepover at school!

The sleepover was a survival sleepover which meant that we were sleeping in tents on the field. We also had lots of activities to do with surviving a night in the wild.  Everyone had made their own pizzas in groups to share for dinner! 

We got the chance to build a shelter using on a rope, a sheet and some crates, as well as playing out door games and writing SOS letters to put in a plastic bottle. 

We also had a man from the army to come and speak to us about surviving in the harshest places. 

Year 5 had a campfire at the end of the night where we toasted marshmallows. The year went to bed with a flabbergasting orangey full moon at nearly ten o'clock. 

Some people (especially the teachers) got very little sleep as they woke up at five o'clock in the morning, since it was so light. 

In the morning we had a delicious breakfast but then it was time for school! Luckily, all we did was watch films and play games!

Overall it was a great experience.

By Olivia



On 22nd October 2015 Year 5 and 6 went to Didcot Railway Museum to learn more about our topic; Dad's Army. Everyone had a chance to go up to the Control Box, look at old carriages and have an experience being an evacuee. Whilst being an evacuee, we got taken away in groups and we all got told what our jobs were. We even went on a train!  When we went on the train everyone had to duck under the seats whilst the Air Raid Siren went off.


After school, Year 6 stayed behind to have a sleepover at school to complete their evacuation experience! Everyone had lots of fun doing activities after school like Art, ICT and sports. We had a delicious dinner as well. We all stayed up late watching films and woke up early as well!


On the Friday, Year 5 and 6 had a VE celebration where we ate lots of food that was brought in!

Everyone had a great two days!


This week we have been concentrating on Read for my school!

If you want to make an account.1 go to

2 select "pupil login"

3 enter your child's classroom code, username, and password and click "login" then read all you want and have fun!!!  


by Masha



Year 5  new

Topic of Africa




​Years 5 and 6 had a great time today with Richard, who brought with him 30 Djembe African drums, for us all to try out as part of our Africa topic.  We learnt various 'rhythms', as well as some call and response patterns.  The children grew in confidence over the session and learnt lots of techniques!  We also found out about the popularity of drumming in Africa, and their belief that to a healthy soul, they should sing, dance and drum every day.




The annual competition that may have seen your child glued to a paper or e-book for the last couple of months has come to an end. We will find out if Manor school won a prize in the nationwide competition in the coming months but to celebrate the achievements of Manor school children,​ we held a final assembly.

The following 10 children, who made up our leaderboard, succeeded in reading over 1000 books between them (about a quarter of the total books read by the juniors) which was a huge achievement! WELL DONE!IMG_0491[1].JPGIMG_0490[1].JPGIMG_0492[1].JPGIMG_0493[1].JPG


Scott, in year 6, also recieved an award for writing an amazing book summary of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well done Scott!


Read For My School should return again next year!


Moon Buggy Trip


Last week, a few year 5 children went on a trip to St. Birinus School. They were competing in a contest against other schools - racing moon buggies. They also took part in other events such as making key rings. We had to use a file (don't worry it wasn't used for our fingernails).  It was used to carve the corners of the wood, so they were smooth. When we had done that, we drilled a hole in the wood to put the ring on. Then a laser made a key shape and we put that on the ring. After that, we coloured them in; they looked amazing! That was our favourite part.

By Cameron Mills and Natalie Cummins


Year 5 all had a great time at DGS and St Birinus yesterday. They are very jealous of our Year 6s getting to go there in September! A high point was getting to use the Bunsen burners in a real chemistry lab.

IMG_4141.JPG IMG_4142.JPG IMG_4143.JPG IMG_4144.JPG IMG_4146.JPG IMG_4147.JPG

IMG_4148.JPG IMG_4145.JPG


​On Tuesday 6th September, Year 5 and 6 started their Stargazing topic with a bang! We had a visit from the Explorer Dome, who showed us lots of things about the stars and planets.

We discovered that the Greeks believed that the stars in the sky made pictures. The Big Dipper was actually part of a bear. If you go across the Big Dipper, it points to the North star (Polaris). The North Star looks like it stays still while the Earth is spinning. It is part of the Little Bear's tail. 

The visitors spun the stars around for us so we could see. We saw the Eagle's Eye, the Swan's Tail and a Harp Handle. Every star is a sun. It looks like the stars move but it is us turning around on the Earth. We are turning at about 650 miles per hour. The Earth takes 365 and a quarter days to orbit the sun.


Jupiter has a great red spot which is 300 years old. Jupiter and Saturn are the gas giants. Saturn's rings are made of ice. There are still planets in the universe to be discovered. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. We saw all the planets in our solar system and some nebulas.


The sun will swell up and explode but not for 5 billion years. This is a supernova. The man made a big crash and we all jumped.



​This afternoon, 5Cr had a mind-blowingly fantastic assembly about space! It taught us various interesting facts (like Uranus spinning on its side) and was really enjoyable to watch.


Year 5 re-enacted the popular news show, BBC news, in a space related feature. The children spoke very clearly and weren't nervous at all. They really got us thinking it was a real news report.


Following this, they also talked about the Ancient Greeks and how they interpreted space.  We were taught all about star constellations and how to find the North Star. 


For a grand finale, the class performed a great and informative song about the solar system and the materials that the planets are composed of. They were very confident and had obviously had put in a lot of practice.


We would like to thank 5Cr for this entertaining assembly – well done and keep up the good work!


By Oli, Malik, Harley and Damla (Year 6 Blog writing team)


​5Cr were inspired by a picture of a poppy this morning during "Target Writing" time. Caliegh, Eve and Marni chose to write acrostic poppy poems independently. 

People who fought in World War One,

On the 11th of November this is when it happened,

Poppies grew on the war field when the war was over,

Poppy we wear to remember those who had died in the war,

You won't believe what they went through.

Days went on in World War One 

And it finally ended in 1918,

You should remember these people who died for us.


​5Cr have created non-fiction Tudor pages as part of our literacy, including sub-headings, bullet points, pictures and captions. We bound our pages together with a contents page, front and back cover - you can see it in the Junior Hall on the "Incredible Work" board!​

We were then inspired to use our research and make our non-fiction texts into a website. We used Google Classroom to collaborate, with each child making their own page. This week we checked and edited our work, and published it to the world! You can see it here:

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