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We have been learning about World War 2.

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​Lots of parents have been asking about Bug Club - your child can read a selection of books online at home, just visit and log in with our school code wg9t


Ask your teacher for your logon if you don't know it! It's a great way to practise your reading, and it even asks comprehension questions. 



​To celebrate the end of our 'Keep Calm and Carry On' topic Thursday was officaily Evacuee Day in Year 6. The children arrived at school dressed as evacuees and all the teachers were so impressed with how much they looked the part. After a morning spent making gas masks and writing a front paper for 'The War Newspaper' we trundled down to the railway station to be evacuated to the countryside.

Once in the safe and fresh air of the countryside the children enjoyed playing WW2 games and writing emotional letters back to the their families at home!

Back at school, bangers and mash, puppet shows, Kubb, air raid shelter building and quizzes provided great entertainment and fun. But then the air raid siren went...  All children followed the ARP's advice and took shelter in the outdoor classroom!

No more air raid sirens ensured bedtime, sleeping in the classrooms and hall, was peaceful. The following day we celebrated the end of the war (and topic) with a VE day party.

The sleepover was a wonderful experience and the children (and very dedicated staff who slept over) deserve a massive well done, and good holiday!

Roll on our next topic Year 6!

(Please do come into school to see all our photos of the experience!)




​Today saw the start of Year 6's new Topic; 'Britain's Got Talent' and what a way to start! We were thrilled to have Christine Wallace, the quarter finalist from series 5 of the Great British Bake Off visit Year6 this morning. 

The children asked some super questions and were busy taking notes about where she gets inspiration from, her experience of being on TV and how she has used her talents for baking. 

Before she left she set the children a challenge: to enter the Didcot Christmas Bake Off competition being held at the Civic Hall on 15/16th November. The allure of baking cookies and cupcakes alongside vouchers for Argos as the prize got all the children chatting about their entry ideas. Entry forms can be found in Year 6 and via

Thank you Christine and well done Year 6  - you have got talent!​ ​

Christine said of her visit to Manor School: 

Thanks for asking me to come along to the school today, the children really are delightful and I enjoy talking to them!


Today at our children in need special assembly, we had a special Strictly Come dancing assembly were each year group performed a song from a well-known movie. E.g. everything is awesome from the Lego movie.


The year six's performed a ballroom dance to go with you've got a friend in me. There was also group acting and a group singing.

by Silas Harvey


Today we had a very special strictly come dancing themed assembly for children in need each year came to school dressed as characters from well-known films and danced to songs from them like Happy , You've Got A Friend In Me and Everything Is Awesome. Year 6 dressed up as characters from Toy Story like Woody the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear or Jessie the cowgirl. As it was a competition there were two winners Year 2 and Year 5 but Year 6 did come 2nd. Year 6 was split into three parts dancers, singer.

by Ahmad Bendardarf


On the 6th  of January the year six's were surprised when they came into their classrooms and found out they were going to have a magical African experience day!!!

Year six made African masks and jewellery, they also learnt how to play African drum from an African man from Ghana he was in the Accra tribe. He also played the xylophone while telling us a traditional tale from Ghana.

The reason why we did this magical day is because our (year six) new topic is Africa.    by E.K j.s


Congratulations to Lily Wakefield, Class 6K, who won our design a lunch competition. Her healthy, delicious, winning dishes are included in our summer menu. Well done Lily!


On Monday in assembly Finley was told to come to the front of the hall and was congratulated because he had won a compotion for being in the  rugby final as mascot. He was one of 96 people who won and those 96 were chosen from around 269 people around the world.   by Malik and Oli



​You may not know that as well as a general election today, we have held our own election at Manor School! The children were very excited to take part in the democratic process, and to learn all about how elections work. 6 Year 6 children were our candidates, each with an idea of how to spend £200 to improve the school. We watched their campaign videos and cast our ballots, choosing between new books, art supplies, basketball nets and basketballs or equipment for the Juniors' 'trim trail'. Year 4 were in charge of counting the votes, and in the end a clear majority (over 200 pupils!) voted for a trampoline!




​After a good journey to Atlantic College we arrived and headed to the impressive Hogwarts like dining hall for a yummy hot lunch. Mr Badger was 'staggered and taken aback by the choice and high quality'. The children gobbled down the food and we dived in (literally for those in the indoor pool!) into our first activity.

With climbing, swimming, archery, canoeing and sports games the children have all had big smiles on their faces. A major piece of excitement was when some of the girls discovered the toilets that were used in a recent Dr Who episode and were also the inspiration for 'Moaning Myrtle's' toilet in the Harry Potter films. You'll be pleased to know lots of the children have also been busy writing letters and diaries to tell you more when they return!

All the adults have been very impressed with the Manor children's 'H.E.A.R.T': Happiness, Encouragement of others, Attitude to give everything a go, Respect and Teamwork.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic College news and photos coming soon!


Hello from the blue skies of Atlantic College! After lunch this blue sky arrived and the children loved exploring the castle grounds in the sun and it was even time to dig out the sun-tan cream!

All the adults were very impressed with the first night. All the children were fast sleep within 30 mins of lights-out which is definitely a record for the first night at Atlantic College!  

The food continues to get rave reviews and the 3 hot meals a day are providing plenty of energy for their busy fun filled days. The breakfast food options are amazing; full english, cereal, pastries, fruit, porridge and even pancakes and maple syrup!

The 'Castle Adventure' was a real favourite activity today with the group having to find and rescue the princess whilst dodging the water balloons and buckets of water! Teamworking of the children would make the teachers and parents back at Manor very proud - values in action everywhere we look. 


​Wow - the Welsh sun is hot! Today has been a wonderfully warm and sunny day at the castle. As tradtion now states, the day began with the chidren welcoming each other at 7:30am in the common room with a short 'good morning everyone' dance!  Mr Carter set the bar very high in terms of quality although a number of the children were equally impressive!

Lunch was roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg or pasta and sauce with chocolate brownies for pudding - which one child said 'this beats sandwiches for lunch!'. It was lovely to see the children enjoying the sun and huge playing fields over looking the water during their free time and playing tennis, frisbee, drawing, cricket and a few just lying back and doing abit of sun bathing.

All the teachers have been so impressed with the attitude of the children to give anything a go and we have seen some amazing achievements. A few highlights are:

* Jack Merrison being the king of encourgement and showing amazing sporting talent.

* Silas Harvey climbing up a '25ft pamper pole' whilst blind folded!

* Zach Moores being a swimming superstar leading his team in a super water polo match.

* Anna Jones getting to the top of the pole and then jumping off in record time!

* Tilly and Harriet are the perfect pair, keeping everyone in their group laughing and feeling supported.

Bedtime now beckons, but we will upload plenty of photos of this amazing experience so you can share it with your children upon our return on Friday. 


Year 6 have been having a great time, and wonderful weather too.



We have been blessed with another beautiful sunny day and the children and adults have taken full advantage, having a super day enjoying their last three activities. A new Atlantic College climbing record was set by Joe Nimmo, even beating the adult instructors' best time by over 3 minutes (despite the instructor trying to re-beat Joe's time!). 

The day ended with all the children dancing the evening away at the disco and then waving goodbye to all the instructors, who have impressied us all with their enthusiasm and encouragement. They have helped the children achieve and enjoy more than they could have ever imagined they would be able to do.

The instructors have also been very impressed with Manor School. Hearing that the instructors wanted to swap sessions to be with Manor School as they have enjoyed teaching them so much, demonstates the impact the children have made.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at normal time, 3:05pm,  to welcome home your talented, kind but exhausted children!

See you all tomorrow.


Over two night last week Year 6 performed their brilliant production of Beauty & The Beast. ​They really did wow the audience of over 250 parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles with their acting, costumes and singing!

Below are a few photos taken by Mr Kirkland Srn which we hope show the amazing talent the children have. The props, staging, acting and singing made for a wonderful evenings entertainent - great work Year 6!

Also over £150 was raised for British Heart Foundation through a collection after the performance. Thank you for your generousity and support and thank you for 'Being our Guests'!    Year 6 Team

Andy to 14 July 15 003 Edited.jpg

Andy to 14 July 15 007 Edited.jpgAndy to 14 July 15 010 Edited.jpgAndy to 14 July 15 015 Edited.jpgAndy to 14 July 15 012 Edited.jpg

Andy to 14 July 15 004 Edited.jpg

Andy to 14 July 15 014 Edited.jpg


​Ellen and Olivia have been inspired by the Year 5 and 6 topic - 'Dad's Army' - to read some World War Two based story books.  I'm sure lots of other children might enjoy them too, after reading these excellent book reviews!

Hitler's Canary, by Sandi Toksvig


Bamse is a boy who s part of a family who is used to drama, but when World War 2 breaks out, his whole family falls apart.  His brother, Orlando, joins the Resistance and his sister falls for a German soldier ad his dad punches his brother.

The thing that he is most scared of is that his daring friend, Anton, is a Jew and he must escape to Sweden.  Bamse is onhis own.   Will he manage the pressure with no one to hide behind?  He must act fast because the Germans are closing in fast....

'A fun book to read.  It will make you feel mixed emotions.  Join Bamse, and read a roller coaster of a book.'

By Ellen R, Bears

Twist of Gold, by Michael Morpurgo: 4 stars


Twist of Gold is about two young children that have to escape from Ireland due to the plague.

They are poor and three siblings have already died, plus their Mother is ill.  With help from a solder, they get shipped out to Boston (America) on a hunt for their Father (a soldier).  Although the journey was not easy.

This book is mainly adventure genre but has sections of mystery as well.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Michael Morpurgo books or anyone who likes to read adventure books.  I woud say this book is for 9+ because it is very sad at times.

By Olivia M, Bears.



On 22nd October 2015 Year 5 and 6 went to Didcot Railway Museum to learn more about our topic; Dad's Army. Everyone had a chance to go up to the Control Box, look at old carriages and have an experience being an evacuee. Whilst being an evacuee, we got taken away in groups and we all got told what our jobs were. We even went on a train!  When we went on the train everyone had to duck under the seats whilst the Air Raid Siren went off.


After school, Year 6 stayed behind to have a sleepover at school to complete their evacuation experience! Everyone had lots of fun doing activities after school like Art, ICT and sports. We had a delicious dinner as well. We all stayed up late watching films and woke up early as well!


On the Friday, Year 5 and 6 had a VE celebration where we ate lots of food that was brought in!

Everyone had a great two days!


This Christmas I am going to use all of the values, especially appreciation because my parents have had to do extra work to get us to Devon, so we will have a special Christmas.  I will also use peace because all of my cousins are going away with us so I need to try to calm them down so all of my family can have some peace. I am going to show responsibility by looking after everyone.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Bears class​


This week we have been concentrating on Read for my school!

If you want to make an account.1 go to

2 select "pupil login"

3 enter your child's classroom code, username, and password and click "login" then read all you want and have fun!!!  


by Masha


​Years 5 and 6 had a great time today with Richard, who brought with him 30 Djembe African drums, for us all to try out as part of our Africa topic.  We learnt various 'rhythms', as well as some call and response patterns.  The children grew in confidence over the session and learnt lots of techniques!  We also found out about the popularity of drumming in Africa, and their belief that to a healthy soul, they should sing, dance and drum every day.




The annual competition that may have seen your child glued to a paper or e-book for the last couple of months has come to an end. We will find out if Manor school won a prize in the nationwide competition in the coming months but to celebrate the achievements of Manor school children,​ we held a final assembly.

The following 10 children, who made up our leaderboard, succeeded in reading over 1000 books between them (about a quarter of the total books read by the juniors) which was a huge achievement! WELL DONE!IMG_0491[1].JPGIMG_0490[1].JPGIMG_0492[1].JPGIMG_0493[1].JPG


Scott, in year 6, also recieved an award for writing an amazing book summary of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Well done Scott!


Read For My School should return again next year!


​Just to let you know that Years 2 and 6 will have a whole-class photo taken tomorrow morning. ​​Please make sure you are wearing your school uniform smartly!



In YEAR 6 their leavers production this year is Joseph. The first night was a great success!! They had a standing ovation from the parents, helpers and teachers. After the end of the Thursday night cast some of the children had started losing their voices!!

The children were very tired at the end of it all but EVERYONE thought it was a big success and some people were even in tears. Year 6 tried extremely hard and a lot of time and effort on the production. Thank you so much to all the teachers that put so much work into it!

(written by the Year 6 Digital Leaders)


In year six we have had an amazing year! Here are our classrooms:


We have been to Atlantic College and we are busy making a Leavers Assembly.

Joseph (1).jpg


​On Tuesday 6th September, Year 5 and 6 started their Stargazing topic with a bang! We had a visit from the Explorer Dome, who showed us lots of things about the stars and planets.

We discovered that the Greeks believed that the stars in the sky made pictures. The Big Dipper was actually part of a bear. If you go across the Big Dipper, it points to the North star (Polaris). The North Star looks like it stays still while the Earth is spinning. It is part of the Little Bear's tail. 

The visitors spun the stars around for us so we could see. We saw the Eagle's Eye, the Swan's Tail and a Harp Handle. Every star is a sun. It looks like the stars move but it is us turning around on the Earth. We are turning at about 650 miles per hour. The Earth takes 365 and a quarter days to orbit the sun.


Jupiter has a great red spot which is 300 years old. Jupiter and Saturn are the gas giants. Saturn's rings are made of ice. There are still planets in the universe to be discovered. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. We saw all the planets in our solar system and some nebulas.


The sun will swell up and explode but not for 5 billion years. This is a supernova. The man made a big crash and we all jumped.



​Year 6 have only been back from half term 5 days and already we have created Tudor edible masterpieces.  We made them out of only biscuits, food colouring and marzipan.  Everybody thought carefully about their designs, (taking inspiration from the real Tudor roses) and ensuring that the pleasant biscuits were absolutely phenomenal in taste as well as looks.  Food colouring was used to make the biscuits look even more like the real symbols.  After we had made them, we had to wait until they were dry because they were drenched in food colouring.  Here are some photos of our extravagant roses:




Written by Harley and Damla (Year 6 Blog Writing Team)


​This year Year 5 and 6's Christmas party is on Wednesday 14th December when we will be having an exciting morning of Tudor activities and a Tudor style banquet in our classrooms in the afternoon. 

If you wish to dress as a Tudor, Shakespeare or one of his characters, you can come to school in your outit and there will be a prize for the best one. If not, you are free to bring in your own party clothes to change into after lunch.

​Please bring in a small plate of food to share e.g. plate of snadwiches, a few bags of crisps, fruit, biscuits or even something Tudor style! We will provide squash and water to drink.

Outfit ideas: You could dress up as a king or queen with a crown or jewels, or a waistcoat, plain trousers, long skirt and apron or a folded paper ruff. You could be a witch, soldier or other Shakespeare character.


For two terms we have been at Digital Leaders and we have all had so much fun! But now as this is our last lesson we are having some fun making our own pic collages. We always have so much fun coding, scratch, pic collages and binary beads we 100% LOVE Digital Leaders and we don't want to leave at all! we also played and programed with some micro bits me and my friend programmed our micro bit to be a fortune teller asked it if I would be a Olympian and it said YES!

By Isabelle T and Karolina 5Cr



















​Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party yesterday with a Tudor theme, and lots of children even dressed up! We had a Malvolio, Macbeth, Queen Elizabeth, the donkey from a Midsummer Night's Dream and lots of Tudor lords and ladies. Year 5 spent the day taking part in Tudor activities, including learning about Tudor costumes and drawing patterns including Tudor roses. They found out how hard it was to keep your clothes clean without a washing machine, and that many people carried pomanders to help them smell sweet. Mrs Coyle taught us how to make our own! In Mrs Cresswell's classroom, we mixed and baked our own gingerbread, which each class then ate in their afternoon banquet. What a great end to our term, and to our Tudor topic!








Lady Cresswell invited us to Cresswell Hall for gingerbread!



This week Iona  6K, Kyliemay  5Cr, and  Megan from 6W have made tiny fairy houses at Forest School.....I wonder if we get any residents??

fschool22 (1).jpg

fschool22 (2).jpg

fschool22 (3).jpg


​Thanks for your donations everyone! Kirsty and Sophie baked 200 cakes to sell, and raised £125.27!​


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