Mrs R Cresswell28/09/2017 19:27Computing; Special visitors 
Mr Kirkland20/07/2017 16:35Charity; Year 6; Special visitors 
Mrs R Cresswell19/07/2017 16:51Events 
Mr Kirkland18/07/2017 11:13Events; News; Year 6; Performances and Assemblies 
Mrs R Cresswell14/07/2017 16:03Computing 
Mrs R Cresswell14/07/2017 15:56Music; Performances and Assemblies; Year 5 
Mrs R Cresswell14/07/2017 15:38Curriculum 
Mrs R Cresswell14/07/2017 15:31Computing; Topics; Year 5 
Mrs E Reiszner13/07/2017 14:17 
Manor School Office13/07/2017 12:20 
Mr Kirkland10/07/2017 17:05Events; Special visitors; Year 6 
Mrs R Cresswell04/07/2017 15:22Geography; Trips; Year 5 
L Fisher28/06/2017 15:40Curriculum; Events; Science; Topics; Year 1; Year 2 
Manor School Office26/06/2017 14:10 
Mrs R Cresswell23/06/2017 16:40Events; News; Sports 
L Fisher21/06/2017 20:52Events; News; Year 1; Year 2 
Mr C MacKenzie19/06/2017 16:15Sports 
Mr Kirkland19/06/2017 15:06Trips; Year 6 
Mrs T Coyle16/06/2017 15:39Trips; Year 5 
Manor School Office16/06/2017 14:17 
Manor School Office16/06/2017 08:11 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 09:11 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 09:11 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 09:09 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 09:08 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 09:07 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 08:52 
Manor School Office15/06/2017 08:51 
Mrs R Cresswell13/06/2017 18:51Year 6 
Manor School Office12/06/2017 16:00 
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