Jun 15
Osmington Bay Wednesday Update


Day 3 Wednesday at PGL 

As we hit half way we thought we would give you an insight to life here at PGL.

The brilliant weather, fun and challenging activities and yummy food has brought many a smile to Yr6 and adult faces!

The mantra here is Challenge by Choice and it has been super to see so many children trying new things, facing their fears and being then rightly proud of their achievements. Bouncing, climbing, crawling through tunnels, sailing at the 2012 Olympic venture and fencing; the range of activities here is quite phenomenal. This morning while sailing, group 5 even saw a dolphin swim right under there keelboat and wave it's fin to say hello-amazing!

We ended today with a reflective circle time and the children shared people in their group that had achieved something awesome. It was so lovely to hear who they had spotted in their group aand wrapped up in so encouragement and praise for others. 

It has also been really nice to chat to the children over dinner and lunch. 

We have added a few photos to share abit of this special place. 

See you on Friday at 4pm-ish. 

Mr Kirkland​