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Term 3 4 2017.pdf​After School Clubs at Manor School

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We have several professionally run sports clubs with Full Circle​ Sports and language tuition which is currently full, as well as free clubs run by teachers, including Digital Leaders and Cookery clubs.


Thanks for your Digital Leader applications! Mrs Cresswell will be running this free club from 3.10 – 4.10 on Fridays in the ICT suite or 5Cr, starting in week 1 6th January. We learn all about computers, coding, how to help our classmates and teachers and even plan lessons and assemblies. This term, applicants from  Year 3 and class 3/4J children will be starting.

 All clubs this term are starting in Week 3 from 16th January 2017

They continue straight after half term and all the way to Easter.

Term 1 Autumn 2016​Finish time


French Beanies Infants 

Yr 3&4 Boys Football 

Lunchtime Club​

4.15 Junior Hall

​Tuesday French Beanies Infants 

Yr 1&2 Gymnastics 

Lunchtime Club​

4.15 Infant Hall

​Wednesday Yr 3-6 Girls Netball & Hockey
4.15 Junior Hall


​Yr 1 & 2 Cookery with Mrs Haydon & Mrs Tregear

4.15 Infant Hall

​Friday Yr 3 & 4 Scottish Dancing with Mrs Kirkland.

Digital Leaders with Mrs Cresswell

4.15 Junior Hall

4.10 ICT room/ 5Cr