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Our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator is Jenny Dinari. You are welcome to contact her via the school office: ​​​  

Principles of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) at Manor School

  1. We value all children as individuals. They are all entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant education. We celebrate all children’s achievements and the contributions they make to the school community.

  2. We aim to achieve a happy, sensitive and secure atmosphere in the school, where independence, self-esteem and respect for others can be developed; in such an environment all children will be able to learn effectively.

  3. As far as possible, children with special educational needs are included as part of their class group, although they may be withdrawn for some periods of time to meet their individual needs. We believe that we can provide equality of opportunity by offering a variety of teaching approaches and, wherever possible, adapting the environment or resources to remove barriers to learning.

  4. All teachers have a responsibility for identifying, assessing and meeting children’s special needs.

  5. We aim to involve parents actively in identifying, assessing and meeting the special needs of their own children and ask for their advice and support. We try to involve pupils in their own learning, taking account of their views and encouraging high expectations.

  6. We, as a school community, are fully committed to inclusion and would make every effort to welcome and accommodate all children. To this end and, in consideration of pupils’ varied life experiences and needs, we will ensure that the whole school curriculum is available to all pupils, with equal and appropriate access to school experiences, regardless of gender, race, faith, or disability. This is in line with the Equality Act (2010).​

Visit our Policies ​page to find out more.